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Robson Family History

Thomas Robson

  • Thomas Robson is the author's Great Great Grandfather.
  • According to the 1901 census return Thomas was born in Cornhill around 1851.
  • On his daughter Mary's marriage certificate in 1898 Thomas is recorded as being a Farm Labourer.
  • By the 1901 Census Thomas is recorded as a widower, living with his daughter Mary and son in law George Dixon in Bank Street, Gateshead.
  • The name of Thomas' wife is not known at this time.


Mary Ann Robson - Mary Robson

  • Mary Robson is the author's Great Grandmother.
  • The Census return from 1901 states that Mary Robson was born in Cornhill around 1870. We have yet to locate a record of her birth and do not know her mother's name.
  • Mary Ann ROBSON married George Dixon on 9th April 1898 in the United Presbyterian Chapel, Embleton in Alnwick District, Northumberland.
    • Their marriage certificate was witnessed by John Robson and A R Dixon. We have yet to discover who these witnesses were.
    • The marriage certificate is so far the only place we have her as Mary Ann.
    • Mary's address at the time of her marriage is recorded as Christon Bank farm, Christon Bank RSO
  • Mary and George's children were George Thomas, John, Isabella and Mary.
  • In 1899, at the time of the birth of their first child, George Thomas, they lived in 25 Tyne Street, Benwell, near Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • In the 1901 Census the family appear at 79 Bank Street, Gateshead, which is where John was born later that year on 29th August.
  • In 1903 the family was living at 22 Trevethick Street, Gateshead, where Isabella was born on 13th September 1903.
  • By 1909 the family was living at 79 Dunsmuir Grove, Gateshead, County Durham where baby Mary was born on 7th January 1909. At this same address Mary (Robson) died on 12th January 1909, a direct consequence of giving birth to baby Mary.
  • Mary is buried in Saltwell Cemetery in Gateshead in Plot: 8278 Division 7 - a plot which lay unmarked for 101 years. Mary has lain here since her death, the fact of her death and her burial place being unknown to future generations of the family until discovered in early 2010. Permission was obtained from gateshead Council to place a marker on the grave and and this was put in place in May 2010.
  • Mary's memorial on Find A Grave

George Thomas Dixon

  • George Thomas Dixon is the son of Mary Robson and George Dixon.
  • George was born on 15th October 1899 in Benwell, Northumberland
    • George Thomas Dixon ran away from home, lied about his age, and joined the Army - serving at the Somme and subsequently being posted to Ireland. Having upset his family once, he did it again by becoming engaged to an Irish colleen. His family tried to drag him away from his army posting in Ireland but failed and the marriage went ahead - he then lost all contact with his family, a situation which continued, despite searching by his son and daughter, until his death. The search for this missing family link continues!
  • George Thomas Dixon married Lillian Evelyn Black in Limerick Ireland on 17th February 1920
  • George died in Limerick on 6th April 1972 and is buried there in the grounds of St Mary's Cathedral


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Embleton Presbyterian Chapel
Embleton Presbyterian Chapel
where Mary Robson married George Dixon

Burial place of Mary Robson in Saltwell Cemetery Gateshead
Burial place of Mary Robson
in Saltwell Cemetery, Gateshead


Grave marker placed on the burial place of Mary Robson
This stone was placed on Mary Robson's grave in 2010
marking her final resting place 101 years after her death