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The Gray Family of New Cumnock

Our Gray Family Lineage

Janet Wilson born about 1828 in New Cumnock, Ayrshire
On 13 July 1852 Janet married Archibald Gray
the couple raised a family but Archibald died on 11 Nov 1862
In 1867 Janet became pregnant by another man and her son Allan was born in 1868.
Allan GRAY - Born 19 Apr 1868 New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland - Died 5 May 1929
married Janet TAIT (1873-1907) on 4 Dec 1891 at Auchinleck, Ayrshire

William Tait GRAY - Born 14 Jul 1905 New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland - Died 5 Jul 1956
married Marion Harkness Melvin on 4 May 1923 to

Marion GRAY - Born 1925 New Cumnock
married Thomas Palmer


Origins of the Gray Name

According to Christopher Gray's One-Name Study on the Gray name ( and,
there are many theories as to how the name evolved and there seems to be more than one geographic location.

From the Dictionary of American Family Names (Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4) the origins could be:-

  • English: nickname for someone with GRAY hair or a GRAY beard, from Old English 'GRAY'.
    In Scotland and Ireland it has been used as a translation of various Gaelic surnames derived from riabhach 'brindled', 'GRAY' (see Reavey).
    In North America this name has assimilated names with similar meaning from other European languages.
  • English and Scottish (of Norman origin): habitational name from GRAYE in Calvados, France, named from the Gallo-Roman personal name Gratus, meaning 'welcome', 'pleasing' + the locative suffix -acum.
  • French and Swiss French: habitational name from GRAY in Haute-Sa?and Le GRAY in Seine-Maritime, both in France, or from GRAY-la-ville in Switzerland, or a regional name from the Swiss canton of Graub?

Christopher Gray's research on the UK distribution of the Gray/Grey name shows that,
in 2002, there were 67,549 people with the name GRAY in England and Wales (compared with 652,563 SMITHs), but only 6,518 with the name GREY.
According to the census, in 1881 there were 42,776 GRAY entries (423,733 SMITHs) 6,511 GREY.
Most of the GRAYs were in Lanarkshire (10%), Middlesex (9%), County Durham (5%), Yorkshire (7%) and Lancashire (5%).
The vast majority were to the north of England and in Scotland, possibly inferring a migration from Scotland.


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