The Dixon Family History Pages


The Dixon Family History Pages


The Dixon FamilyFrom left to right:- Robin, Mari, Robert and Melville.

These pages endeavour to bring together some of the information about the origins of our Dixon Family.

This particular Dixon Family was formed from the marriage of Robert Dixon and Mari Palmer. Robert and Mari spent some time in Wick and Oban but mainly raised their sons Melville Thomas and Robin Alan in the village of Carmunnock and the new town of East Kilbride.

Robert is the son of George Thomas Dixon and Elizabeth Rockell Melville while Mari is the daughter of Thomas Palmer and Marion Gray.

Our Dixon family, while taking a brief journey via Limerick Ireland, originated from the north-east of England, in Gatehead County Durham and, more particularly, from the borderlands of Northumberland. Our reseach in this part of England has not been particularly easy due to the common nature of names like Dixon and Robson in that part of the world.

On Robert's mum's side, the Melville's were somewhat easier to trace, thanks to our closer connections with that side of family as we grew up and also the relative ease with which Scottish research can be conducted thanks to the early availability of computertised indexes.