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The Dixon Family - where did they come from?

The current state of our family history shows that our Dixon family origins are from border country, with the Dixons coming from northern Northumberland, with imports of Scottish blood on some maternal lines!.

Following are some of the names we know in our Dixon line, together with links to maternal family names associated with the family.

Because of a family disagreement we are searching both backwards into our ancestry and also trying to piece together where the family went to in the period post 1911. Possibilites in both directions are discussed further down this page.

Robert Alexander Dixon

Robert is the author of these pages, born in the City of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1951 to George Thomas Dixon and Elizabeth Rockell Dixon nee Melville. Robert married Marion (Mari) Margaret Palmer in 1972 and they have two sons, Melville Thomas and Robin Alan.

George Thomas Dixon (junior)

George is the author's father, born in Limerick, Ireland, in 1920 to George Thomas Dixon and Lillian Evelyn Dixon nee Black.

George Married Elizabeth Rockell Melville in 1947 in Kingskettle, Fife, and set up home in Glasgow where they raised their family.

George Thomas Dixon (senior) (1899-1972)

George Thomas Dixon is the author's Grandfather, born in Benwell, Northumberland (now part of the City of Newcastle) in 1899 to George Dixon and Mary Robson.

George ran away from home, lied about his age, and joined the Army - serving at the Somme in WW1 and subsequently being posted to Ireland. Unfortunatley George's service records are part of those which were lost during WW2.

Having upset his family once, he did it again by becoming engaged to an Irish colleen. His family tried to drag him away from his army posting in Ireland but failed and the marriage went ahead - he then lost all contact with his family, a situation which continued, despite searching by his son and daughter, until his death.

George married Lillian Evelyn Black in Limerick, Ireland, in 1920 when still serving with the British Army. Limerick was to be their home for the remainder of their life. George died in 1972 and is buried in the cemetary at St Mary's Cathedral in Limerick.

The search to reconnect with any decendant of George's siblings continues.

George Dixon (born 3rd September 1874)

This George Dixon is the author's Great Grandfather.

From his birth certificate, George was born at Ratcheugh, Long Houghton, Embleton, Alnwick, Northumberland. His parents were George Dixon and Euphemia Bell.

George married Mary Ann ROBSON on 9th April 1898 in the United Presbyterian Chapel, Embleton in Alnwick District, County of Northumberland. Their marriage certificate was witnessed by John Robson and A R Dixon. We have still to establish exactly who John Robson was, although we suspect is may have been Mary's brother. A R Dixon we believe was George's sister Agnes Ramsay Dixon.

On the marriage certificate, George's father is recorded as being George Dixon, a Farm Labourer

George's address at the time of his marriage is recorded as 4 Prospect Terrace, Scotswood on Tyne showing that George had already flown the nest, presumably for work purposes since he is recorded on the marriage certificate as being employed as a Railway Porter.

George and Mary went on to have four children - George Thomas, John, Isabella and Mary.

George and Mary lived at a number of addressed during their married life

  • In 1899 they lived in 25 Tyne Street, Benwell, near Newcastle upon Tyne, where George Thomas was born. At this time George was still a railway porter.
  • In the 1901 Census the family appear at 79 Bank Street, Gateshead, which is where John was born later that year on 29th August. George is still a railway porter.
  • In 1903 the family was living at 22 Trevethick Street, Gateshead, where Isabella was born on 13th September 1903. Now George;s occupation is stated to be a railway parcels porter.
  • By 1909 George was a ticket inspector with the railways and the famiy was living at 79 Dunsmuir Grove, Gateshead, County Durham where Mary was born on 7th January 1909. At this same address George's wife Mary died on 12th January 1909, a direct consequence of giving birth to baby Mary.

Mary's death appears to have changed the family situation substantially since the 1911 census reveals George and the four children are living at Wood Hill Farm (near Dissington and Ponteland in Northumberland) where George is stated to be a farm labourer.

Harry is another name mentioned in the family and, indeed, a name which was given to one of my grandparent's children. There is no evidence that George and Mary ever had a child named harry. It is not clear if this might have perhaps been a family name used for John or whether it might have been another child, perhaps from a second marriage.

Our search to establish what happened to George and the rest of the family and to reconnect with our Dixon line continues.

George Dixon (1845-1927)

This George Dixon is the author's Great-Great-Grandfather. George Dixon is referred to on his son marriage certificate in 1898 as a farm labourer while the 1881 Census states he is a Farm Steward (Bailiff).

Georeg was born at Wark on Tweed in the Parish of Carham, Northumberland.

The 1881 Census shows George and family living at Ratcheugh Farm Cottage, Longhoughton.

Ratcheugh Farm Cottage, Longhoughton in the 1881 Census
Name Age Birthplace Occupation
George Dixon 36 Wark, Northumberland Farm Steward (Bailiff)
Great Great Grandfather
Euphemia Dixon 37 Spy Lair, Scotland  
Spy Lair should be Spylaw in Roxburghshire
George Dixon 6 Ratcheugh, Northumberland Scholar
Great Grandfather
William Dixon 3 Ratcheugh, Northumberland    
Agnes Dixon 3 weeks Ratcheugh, Northumberland    

George married Euphemia Bell on 8th February 1873 at the United Presbyterian Church, Lisburn Street, Alnwick. Their marriage certificate indicates that both were "Farm Servants", George at Ratcheugh and Euphemia at Greensfield.

George and Euphemia had three children while living at Ratcheugh. First was George, the author's Great Grandfather, born on 3rd September 1874. Next, around 1878, was William, who appears to have been named after his Uncle William (who had been a witness at George and Euphemia's wedding). Then, in 1881 came Agnes, who we believe was the A R Dixon (Agnes Ramsay) who was witness at her brother George's wedding.

The family next appear in the 1891 Census but this time at 59 West Street, Belford, the family by now having been augmented with the arrival of John.

59 West Street, Belford in the 1891 Census
Name Age Birthplace Occupation  Approx Year of Birth
George Dixon 46 Wark, Northumberland Agricultural Labourer  
Euphemia Dixon 47 Spylaw, Scotland    
George Dixon 16 Ratcheugh, Northumberland Agricultural Labourer  3rd Sept 1874
William Dixon 13 Cramlington, Northumberland    1878
Agnes Dixon 10 Ratcheugh, Northumberland Scholar March 1881
John Dixon 7 Ratcheugh, Northumberland Scholar 1884

By the 1901 Census we see that Euphemia had died (1900), George junior and William had flown the nest and George senior with Agnes and John were living in Wooler.

1901 Census return for
1 Newtown, Wooler, Northumberland
Name Status Age Birthplace Occupation  
George Dixon Widower 56 Wark, Northumberland Hind A Hind is a farm labourer, possibly skilled
John Dixon Single 17 Ratcheugh, Northumberland    
Agnes Dixon Single 20 Ratcheugh, Northumberland Hind  

George Dixon (born 1807)

This George Dixon is the author's Great-Great-Great-Grandfather and was born late June 1807 at Brockham East Farm, Ford, Northumberland and baptised at Ford on 1st July 1807. His parents were George Dixon and Mary Forsyth.

George married Agnes Ramsay around 1833 and they went on to have six children, Mary Ann (1834 Scotland), Elizabeth (1837 Scotland), Jane (1840 Scotland), Isabella (1842, Scotland), George (1845 Wark on Tweed, Carham, Northumberland) and William (1848 Cornhill on Tweed).



John Dixon (born c1884 at Ratcheugh)

John Dixon appears in the 1911 Census as a married man living with his family near Christon Bank

Burn House, Fallondon, Christon Bank, Embleton, Alnwick
in the 1911 Census
Name Age Birthplace Occupation Estimated Birth Year
John Dixon 27 Ratcheugh, Longhoughton, Northumberland Gardener Domestic 1884
Lily Dixon 28 Powburn, Glanton, Northumberland  Married 4 years 1883
George Dixon 3 Louth,Broomford, Ellingham, Northumberland   1908
William Dixon 1 Belford, Northumberland   1910




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Some of the places our family came from














Embleton Prebyterian Chapel
Embleton Presbyterian Chapel
where George Dixon and Mary Robson
were married in 1898


22 Trevethick Street, Gateshead, the residence of the Dixon family in 1903
22 Trevethick Street in Gateshead
was the residence of the Dixon family in 1903
and the birthplace of Isabella Dixon

Dunsmuir Grove gateshead, the residence of the Dixon family in 1909
at 79 Dunsmuir Grove, Gateshead, baby Mary Dixon was born
and mum Mary Dixon (nee Robson) died in 1909

Woodhill Farm - residence of the Dixon family in 1911
Woodhill Farm was the residence of
George Dixon and his four children
as shown in the 1911 census

Longhoughton looking south c1925
Longhoughton looking south
thought to be around 1925

Wark Village
Wark Village
Wark was the birthplace of George Dixon
and several other members of the Dixon family