The Dickson Dixon One Name Study


The Dickson Dixon One Name Study

The Dickson (with variations of Dixon and Dicson) One Name Study has been registered with the Guild of One Name Studies.

This website will support the Dickson Dixon One Name Study.

The website is still very much in the design stage and will include information which presently exists on the author's personal family history pages about the origins of the Dickson / Dixon name.

The Dickson Dixon Name

One name with many variations, predominately settled in modern usage as Dickson in Scotland and Dixon in England, but with many spellings and variation over the centuries.

The Scottish use remains the most descriptive of the origin of the name - Dick's son - Dick being a nickname for Richard although the earliest recording of the surname, in the late 13th century, had the different spelling of Dicson.

The Dickson clan had its origins in the aristocracy of Scotland with direct male decendancy from the Keith Clan Marischals of Scotland and maternal Douglas decendancy. There was close support of Scottish heroes William Wallace and Robert the Bruce and their fight for the Scottish nation and right to self determination. At a later date, Dickson's were to be found in significant positions within the early United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Geographically the Dickson name has parental roots in Lowland Scotland, possibly in the Lothians and certainly in Lanarkshire. The name spread to the general Borders area (possibly particularly the area of the Merse which today straddles both side of the border) leading over the border into Northumberland with its general change in spelling to Dixon.


We present the origins of the Dickson name, as reported over a significant period, with some degree of certainty. However, we have to acknowledge the possibility that, this being a patronymic name, it is possible that son's of other unrelated "Dick's" could have taken the surname and created their own family line. We make no attempt to establish lines where this might have happened, although in the future these things might become clearer through DNA testing.

The Dixon DNA Project

Although separate from the Dickson Dixon One Name Study, the Dixon DNA Project is a very relevant partner.

Operated through FamilyTreeDNA and adminstered by Susan Branam, the Dixon DNA Project takes the results of DNA testing and applies it to the Dixon and Dickson names (and a few other varients).

The main goal of this project is to give Dickson-Dixon researchers a means to connect with others of their line to enhance their genealogical research and complement conventional paper research with DNA evidence. 

As the Dixon DNA Project grows a number of unrelated groups appear to be forming, which may confirm the possibility of different origins for the Dickson-Dixon name.

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